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2nd Annual Halloween Student Showcase

Saturday, October 7 1 - 5PM

Join us at Moe's BBQ for our 2nd Annual Student Showcase!

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Providing quality drum instruction since 1998

We work with our individual students, area schools and venues, and alongside local musicians to keep the Colorado music scene thriving.

Student Performances

Students get to perform the skills they learn in their lessons! We put on regular concerts to showcase these incredible musicians in a variety of venues. These concerts are a great way to inspire and motivate students to continually improve their skills, and allow for a chance to get on a real stage in a supportive and friendly environment.

Experience that counts

Jake is an active performer and teacher all along the Rocky Mountain region. Whether you're looking for some help in trying out for the advanced band in school, the coveted spot on the drum line, or just looking to play along with some of your favorite songs. Come learn from a teacher who has both the education and the experience to help you reach your goals.

Student Testimonials

Brian T.

“For the past two years I have learned so much from each and every lesson I have had with Jake. Each week I receive a solo or some exercise that prepares me for the next lesson. Jake is very knowledgeable about many styles of drumming and at the end of every lesson he writes down what he would like me to work on just to make sure that I stay on the right track. I am sad that we won’t be continuing lessons with him but, like my mom said, his future students will be lucky to have him as a teacher.”

Andree K.

“I’ve taken drum lessons with Jake Bergeron for going on 3 years now, and would gladly continue to do so if not for his relocation to Littleton. I am a non-traditional student who had never studied music; I just knew I loved percussion and wanted to play the drums. I appreciate all he has done for this hobby of mine and for helping build my confidence to continue with it. Jake is professional, patient, likable, and open to student’s own ideas and goals. I will miss him very much!”

Todd H.

“My son has been taking lessons from Littleton Drum Studio for the last 2 years, and it has been one of the best investments we have made. When he first started, we thought it was a fad that would last 4 weeks. He had never touched a drum before, and didn’t own a drum set. Now, he is a drumming maniac! We can’t believe how good he has gotten, and how his passion for drumming has never wavered. In two years he has gone from no experience to playing some very difficult songs, like Ride the Lightning (Metallica), Duality (Slipknot), and Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden). Yes, he is a metal head, but we love him anyway.”

Becky T.

“My son, Brian, has been taking lessons from Jake Bergeron for about 2 years. He has made huge strides on the trap set and has enjoyed his lessons immensely. As a parent, I appreciate Jake’s communication skills via e-mail, texting and/or calling. It is rare, but if something comes up that affects a lesson day or time, Jake is very good about letting us know ahead of time. He is especially knowledgeable about the trap set and will make a wonderful teacher! We will miss him, but his future students will be lucky to have his expertise!”