Percussion Lessons for All Levels

Are you looking for a qualified and experienced teacher who can expand and improve your child’s skills throughout the percussion section? Then come to the studio that can get them where they want to go!

Littleton Drum Studio is perfect for your child if: 

  • They are looking to increase their drum set knowledge and skills
  • You want your child to discover the joy, and sense of accomplishment, that comes with learning an instrument
  • They looking to develop the skills needed to start a band of their own
  • They want to know what it feels like to get up on stage and perform for their family and friends

Sign up with a teacher who can get them to where they want to go! At Littleton Drum Studio, we offer one-on-one instruction to broaden the skills of today’s drummers. We work through tough pieces, learn about rhythm and theory, and keep your student at the top of their drumming game! Littleton Drum Studio offers personalized lesson plans that allow students to play their favorite pop and rock songs while simultaneously learning the fundamentals and advanced techniques needed to truly excel on the drum set.

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