Frequently Asked Questions

What age should you start drumming?

This age! Students of all ages and experience levels are welcome. Students as young as 5 have been very successful with this activity, as well as adults who just want to try something new!

How much does it cost?

  • The tuition price of a half-hour lesson is $30.
  • The tuition price of a full hour lesson is $50.

A half-hour weekly lesson is usually suggested for beginning students to see the most progress from their time. A full hour of instruction can be very helpful to more mature students who are able to focus for longer periods of time.

Do I need to buy a drum set in order to get started?

Absolutely not! There are plenty of ways to practice and improve before making the investment of a full drum set. All that is needed is the desire to learn something new.

When are the lessons available?

Lessons are typically held from 3-8pm Monday through Friday. Special appointments can be made upon availability. Schedule a lesson now!

How do I know if I will like playing the drums?

You’ll never know until you try! The first lesson is at no cost, and no obligation, so you are free to come in and try things out to see just how much fun you will have on the drums!

Where is the the Littleton Drum Studio located?

The Littleton Drum Studio is located within the Music-Go-Round at the Northeast corner of Bowles and Wadsworth.

The address is 8055 W Bowles Ave., Littleton, CO 80123.