Benefits of the Littleton Drum Studio

Littleton Drum Studio Benefits
  1. Student Performances
  2. Level Based Curriculum
  3. Instruction on Practice Habits & Goal Setting
  4. Simple Online Scheduling
  5. Consistent Pricing

Littleton Drum Studio stands out from other private lessons schools in many ways. One of the favorite aspects of these for parents and students is the regular Student Showcases. These events allow for the students to get up on stage in front of their friends and family, and perform to the best of their abilities! This is similar to a traditional recital in format, but differs in almost every other way. Students get the chance to get up and rock out with the music they've been studying, in an informal and fun environment; no stuffy recital halls here. On the other hand, this is not a “rock band” program, where the drummer is resigned to play often watered down parts in order for the band to be able to keep up. No, this is the drummer showing off everything that they've got! Jake teaches and treats each and every one of his students as a drummer or percussionist in their own right, and not simply as a backup player for other instruments.

Littleton Drum Studio also offers ease of access to our student portal and calendar. This access lets you manage your lesson schedule in a way that makes sense for you. Not only is scheduling and payment a breeze with this feature, but the portal also offers tons of information on student progress including lesson notes and homework for areas of improvement. Scheduling shouldn't depend on playing phone tag with a teacher, and relaying messages that with only half of the information at hand.

Drumming is an activity unlike any other, it is primal, yet complex; easy to learn, but difficult to master. Even with so much group experience, Jake's real abilities shine the most when teaching students one-on-one. In this setting, all areas of a students growth can be tailored to them personally, in an instant. Technique, and musical knowledge can go at the speed that that particular student is best suited for. Some students require eternal patience, while others work best under a driving force. Jake has worked with students of every age and ability level, ranging from 4 years old to their late 80s, complete beginners to highly advanced players. Drumming is an activity for everyone, the only thing you need is a desire to take two sticks and make something musical out of them.

Areas of Expertise

Drum Set

Jazz Combo
Big Band
Many More


All Marching & Concert Percussion
Mallet Instruments (2 & 4 mallets)
Auxiliary Instruments
Snare Drum Solos


Goal Setting
Practice Habits
Reading Music
Audition Prep

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