Studio Policies

Lessons Types & Options

  • Regular Lessons are weekly (or bi-weekly) lessons which reserve the same lesson time slot each week. Reserving a regular lesson time must be done with approval by the Littleton Drum Studio (the “Studio”) and a request to change times can be made based on availability. The teacher will be available for all scheduled lessons within each Quarter/Semester as shown on the Semester Calendar.
  • Drop-In Lessons are single lessons that can be signed up for as “Open Slots,” but do not reserve a recurring lesson time.  Drop-In Lessons are charged individually and must be paid for in advance. These lessons are based on the availability of the Studio Calendar and do not ensure a certain amount of lesson openings for any period.
      • Open Slots are either planned absences from other students or regular lesson times that have not yet been reserved.  Open slots can be reserved between one day and four weeks from the current date, and can be done through the Student Portal or with the Studio directly.  These slots can be used as “Drop-In” or “Make-Up Lessons.”
  • “Online Lessons” may be held in place of “In-Person” lessons at the request of students or The Studio. This method will receive virtual instruction in a live setting, at the agreed upon lesson time. “Online Lessons” work the same as “Regular” or “Drop-In” Lessons, as far as scheduling and rates.
  • “Lesson Packet” consists of either video or digital assignments for the student to complete on their own time that week, this ensures a consistent musical growth for all students. This option may be requested at any time (with at least 2 hours notice) in order to replace a scheduled lesson. 

Payments & Tuition

The Studio will email an invoice each month to regular lesson attendants detailing the schedule and charges for that month. Students signing up for drop-in lessons may also request an invoice. Drop-In Lesson payments must be received before the scheduled lesson or will be charged a late fee.


  • Payments can be made in the following ways: 
    • Automatic Payment (Preferred)- set up through Student Portal using PayPal; 
    • PayPal- (+3.9% Processing Fee);
    • Check made out to “Littleton Drum Studio”; 
    • Zelle-;
    • Venmo- @Jake_lessons; or
    • Cash- Not preferred


  • Semester Tuition: $360 per 11 week semester for a weekly half-hour lesson slot. These amounts will be prorated for students signing up mid-semester.  Prices will be adjusted based on frequency of reserved time (Half-hour every two weeks is $60.00 a month). Tuition may be paid in full at the beginning of the semester, or broken up into equal monthly charges.
  • Drop-In Lesson: $35.00
  • First Month Tuition: Students who wish to reserve a Regular Lesson Time must pay their first month of charges prior to securing the reservation. This can be done up to one month in advance. 
  • Other Fees
    • Enrollment/Re-enrollment Fee: $35 for all new and returning students who sign up for a Regular Lesson spot. This fee grants full access to the Student Portal and one Studio Binder per student. Students are required to pay for their first month of lessons up-front in order to reserve a Regular Lesson time.
    • Recital Fee: $25 per recital for each student
    • Backstage Pass Program: $5 per Backstage Pass given
      • Stage 1 is on the house!
    • Late Fee: $10 for payments not received by the 15th of the invoiced month, or before scheduled drop-in lessons. 
      • Additional $35 for payments not received by the last day of the invoiced month (See “Forfeiture of Lessons”). 
    • Returned Check Fee: $34.00
  • Tuition/Lesson Price: Prices and fees may be adjusted with 30 days written notice from the Studio. Current prices and Policies can be found on the Studio’s website. 
  • Reduction In Tuition: Reduction in monthly tuition will occur only if the teacher is unavailable for regular lessons due to unplanned Studio Cancellations/Closures and is unable to deliver Make-Up Lessons or Lesson Packets for the student. Reduction will be based on the current Tuition Rate and amount of lessons missed.


Forfeiture of Lessons

  • Any payments not received by the Studio by the last day of the invoiced month will result in a forfeiture of the student’s reserved lesson time. Students who wish to continue with their regular lessons must pay a $35 fee plus the full balance owed before resuming lessons with the Studio.

Calendar & Breaks

  • Calendar/Semesters: The Studio Calendar is available for all active students on the Littleton Drum Studio Portal. The calendar will be adjusted to account for 4 Semesters/Quarters throughout the calendar year, and each Semester Calendar will detail the expected Studio Closures, as well as Tuition information for that semester.  Tuition costs are calculated with these closures in mind, so students are not charged for studio closures.
  • Holidays:  Many Holidays will be recognized on the Studio Calendar and will not offer any Make-Up Credits for missed lessons. These Holidays are reflected in the Semester Calendar/Tuition.

Expected Studio Etiquette

Studio Etiquette

 Students should come to their lesson prepared with their drum book, sticks and anything else that they might need for the lesson. Students are expected to try their best at the lesson and, even though we all have bad days, should do their best to stay polite and positive. Continued failure to follows these guidelines may result in termination of lessons. 

  • Student Portal: The Student Portal is the best way to navigate through the challenges of scheduling, practicing, managing accounts and keeping track of Studio News.  Please watch the “Student Portal Welcome” video on the Littleton Drum Studio website and fill out all relevant information, including phone numbers and email addresses for any needed persons.
  • Drop-off/Pick-up: Students and parents need to have a plan in place as to how to drop off and pick up their children.  Due to scheduling back-to-back lessons, Littleton Drum Studio is not able to supervise students before or after their scheduled lesson times.  Parents are always invited to stay and watch the lesson, but are asked to remain respectful of the student’s learning process.
  • Lesson times:  In order to be fair to all students, the lessons will begin and end at the agreed upon time.  A late arrival does not mean a late end time.  
  • Practice:  Practice is necessary to maintain, absorb, and improve upon the information given in the lesson.  The more practice, the more improvement a student will typically see. I suggest a minimum of three fifteen minute practice sessions between lessons in order to maintain a steady level of improvement.  A Practice Tracking program is available for free on the Student Portal!
  • Student Showcase: Enjoy the chance for your student to get up on stage and perform in one of our awesome concerts!  We put on up to two Student Showcases throughout the year in order to let the students show off what they’ve been working on! Individual show details will be provided as the events approach. Recital fee applies.
  • Communication: Students and parents are always welcome to call/text/email through the contact information for the Littleton Drum Studio.  Students/parents may also reach out through direct messaging the official Studio page on social media platforms to receive a response.  The Littleton Drum Studio will contact parents or students through the given contact details listed on the Student Portal. Active students will be automatically enrolled to receive a Newsletter about relevant Studio information, student shows, teacher performances/drum clinics and other useful information.
  • Refer-A-Friend: Students/parents who refer new students into drum lessons or leave an online review for Littleton Drum Studio on Google, Facebook or Yelp! pages will be offered a free gift. Please have any referred students mention your name in order to receive this bonus.
  • Anything Else: If you have any other questions about drums or music please feel free to reach out and I will do my best to get you the information that you need.

Make-Up Lessons, Cancellations, Termination

Make-Up Lessons & Cancellations

  • Make-Up LessonsThe option to receive “Make-Up Credit,” “Lesson Packet,” “Online Lesson,” or “Skip” the lesson will be available when a student gives at least 2 hours notice for a lesson cancellation, or in the event of a Studio Cancellation/Closure.  Cancellations with less notice will forfeit their lesson for that week. No deductions will be made to the Monthly Tuition for Student Cancelled lessons. “Make-Up Credits” can be used to sign up for any “Open Slot” within 60 days of the initial cancellation, and will automatically expire after this time. There is no guarantee of desired availability of “Open Slots” when choosing to use the “Make-Up Credit” option.  A limit of 3 Make-Up Credits can be held at any time. Make-Up Lessons can not be rescheduled and are not offered any credit for another Make-Up Lesson if cancelled or missed.


  • Student Cancellations:  Students may cancel regular or drop-in lessons at any time and when given with at least 2 hours notice will be issued a Make-Up Credit or Lesson Packet. Cancellations must be made by: 
    • Student Portal
    • Phone call/text to (303) 904-0488; or 
    • Email at
  • Studio Cancellations/Closures: The Studio may choose to cancel lessons due to inclement weather, teacher illness, and circumstances beyond the Studio’s control.  Such cancellations will issue a Make-Up Credit or Lesson Packet for the students missing lessons. Tuition may be reduced if the teacher is unable to make-up this time.


Termination of Lessons

  • Student Choice:  Students may terminate their lessons at any time, but this must be done in writing. Students will receive a prorated refund for any unused lessons already paid for in a given month (tuition divided by number of lessons). No refund will be given for unused Make-Up Credits. Returning students will be charged a Re-enrollment fee and may be subject to limited selection of lesson times. 
  • Littleton Drum Studio Choice: Littleton Drum Studio reserves the right to terminate lessons at any time. Termination will be based on adherence to Studio Policies, Studio Etiquette, and student attendance.


By choosing to take Drum Lessons with the Littleton Drum Studio, you agree to abide by these policies. Up-to-Date Studio Policies can be found on the Littleton Drum Studio Website.